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Serpentine Pendant

Serpentine Pendant

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      Welcome! You are looking at a serpentine reiki infused necklace made by me. My name is Michelle and I am acertifiedreikimaster. Please check out my certification in the listings photos. The stone is wrapped and handpicked by me. I also smudge and reiki infuse all my items.
               Serpentine can be used to attract positivity as we as dispelling negativity. Most stones do one or the other but this stone does both. It can improve your career and attract money. It's a great stone for starting a new relationship. It will keep away people who's values dont align with yours and especially those who would use you and toss you aside. It will help to open your heart chakra.
               Thank you for taking a peek. Please let me know if you have any questions and dont forget to check out my other items!

                                        Many Blessings!

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