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Tiger Iron Pendant

Tiger Iron Pendant

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Welcome friends! You are looking at a Tiger Iron pendant created by me. My name is Michelle and I am a certified reiki master. Please check out my certification in the listing photos. I also smudge and reiki infuse all my items. 20" chain included. I also have 18" and 24" available upon request. 

            Tiger Iron can give you a centering and calming energy, which makes it a great grounding stone. It will give you courage, strength and stamina to fulfill your responsibilities and achieve your dreams. The presence of tiger iron in your life will give you the vitality to face your challenges. It will help to clear your mind so you can push forward with your life's purpose. 

             Thank you for taking a peek. Please let me know if you have any questions and dont forget to check out my other items!

                                             Many blessings!

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