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Noreena Jasper Pendant

Noreena Jasper Pendant

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Welcome! You are looking at a reiki infused noreena jasper necklace made by me. My name is Michelle and I am a certified reiki master. Please check out my certification in the listings photos. I also smudge and reiki infuse all my items. 20" chain included with pendant. 18" or 24" available upon request. 

          Noreena jasper is said to have a stabilizing effect and helps one to take all their energy and use it in a balanced manner. It is also a stone that helps in all areas of survival and is a very protective stone. It helps to free one from all constraints weather imposed by self or others. It will help you manifest. It is also a stone of gentleness and relaxation. 

           Thank you for taking a peek. Please let me know if you have any questions and dont forget to check out my other items!

                                               Many Blessings!

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